Selling COLD FORMED Buildings has Never Been Easier

ACT Building Systems streamlines the entire process of COLD FORMED buildings, making them easier than ever to sell. Potential buyers of COLD FORMED buildings are able to custom-design the building of their dreams easily with ACT’s online designing tools.

Once the customer knows exactly what they want, they request a quote which sends the plans directly to you and a quote can be generated using ACT’s software quoting tool. The process is able to be tracked from start to finish, and the sales process is logical, easy and seamless.

ACT Systems Helps Resellers through:

Our online designing tool implemented direct to your website

In-built quoting tool controlled by you

Simple ordering – plans direct to manufacturer

Higher quality lead generation

Good profit margins to be made

and more…

More COLD FORMED Building Sales

Regardless of you being a single operator or a marketing sales force ACT provides powerful tools on a user pays basis to help with lead generation, quoting, engineering through to ordering and construction to make the process easy. Everything you need to run a successful building reselling business.

The product of the COLD FORMED is newer than the alternatives, it’s exciting and is more flexible to suit the customers needs and as a result the customers like it. This makes your job selling easier.

See here how selling COLD FORMED buildings using ACT is easy!

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