Buying COLD FORMED Buildings has Never Been Easier

Whether you are needing to build a new home, traditional red barn, a workshop or any residential or commercial project, COLD FORMED buildings with ACT provide efficient, consistent and incredibly versatile solutions so that you can be sure the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

Try designing your own COLD FORMED building through the ACT Online Designer which makes it easy for you to take your dream idea and turn it into reality. On completion of your design ACT allows you to submit your design for a quote by connecting you with one of many local COLD FORMED dealers who will communicate directly with you with pricing and next steps to realize your dream. Contact us to be put in touch with an ACT COLD FROMED dealer.

DESIGN your dream building with ACT

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What BUYERS love about building with ACT Systems

BUYING a COLD FORMED Building Using ACT means you:

Design your own dream building with our easy to use Online Design

Simple instructions and easy to build for the owner builder

Fastest delivery of any building type available

Length, width and height customizable

2 Story with mezzanine floors available

Overhangs and lean-to available

and more…

A Better Way of Building

ACT Building Systems have curated a seamless buying process for cold formed buildings over many years, ensuring that the process is simple and clear for all parties involved. Complex paperwork and design approvals, and delivers a consistent, high quality building every single time.

COLD FORMED Buildings are incredibly versatile

... see some examples of buildings built with ACT below

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